Myron Mixon Apple/Peach Pork Injection | Champion Pitmaster Recipe | USA Made | 16 oz


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Unleash the robust flavor of Myron Mixon's Apple Pork Injection, a game-changer in BBQ flavoring. As a five-time world barbecue champion, Myron Mixon, often referred to as the 'winningest man in barbecue', has earned over 1,800 total trophies. This includes over 200 grand championships, 30 state championships, 8 'team of the year' awards, and 11 national championships.

Myron Mixon's award-winning BBQ knowledge now arrives in your backyard or at your competition barbecue in the form of his brand new pork injection. Perfect for BBQ enthusiasts and competitive pitmasters alike, these premium BBQ injections offer ease of use and guarantee to imbue your meat with extra moisture and unbeatable flavor.

Using Myron's BBQ injections is a breeze:

  1. For optimal flavor, combine one package of Apple Pork Injection with ONE GALLON of Apple Juice. Stir until the injection is fully dissolved.
  2. Shortly before smoking or grilling, inject this delicious mixture into your meat to ensure maximum flavor penetration.
  3. Proceed to smoke or grill your meat as usual, now enhanced with championship-grade flavor.

Whether you're a backyard BBQ hobbyist or a competitive pitmaster, elevate your grilling game with Myron Mixon's Apple Pork Injection. Experience the distinct flavor enhancement that has earned Myron Mixon's BBQ its championship titles, right in your own home or at your next competition

Discover the bold, distinctive taste of Myron Mixon's Peach Pork Injection, your secret ingredient for next-level barbecuing. Renowned as a five-time world barbecue champion, Myron Mixon's stellar track record in the BBQ world speaks for itself, with over 200 grand championships, 1,800 total trophies, 30 state championships, 8 'team of the year' awards, and 11 national championships.

Leveraging his vast BBQ expertise, Myron Mixon introduces his brand new pork injection, a perfect flavor enhancer for both backyard grilling enthusiasts and competitive BBQ pitmasters. This easy-to-use BBQ injection guarantees to infuse your meat with extra moisture and an unforgettable peach-inspired flavor.

Using Myron's Peach Pork Injection is straightforward:

  1. To attain maximum flavor impact, combine one package of Peach Pork Injection with ONE GALLON of White Grape Peach Juice. Stir until the injection completely dissolves.
  2. Inject the flavorful mixture into your meat shortly before your smoking or grilling session begins to ensure thorough flavor absorption.
  3. Continue with your usual smoking or grilling techniques, now elevated with the unique touch of Myron Mixon's championship-winning flavor.

Transform your ordinary grilling endeavors into championship-worthy BBQ experiences with Myron Mixon's Peach Pork Injection. Experience the tantalizing flavor profile that's helped solidify Myron Mixon's status as a BBQ legend.

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