Meat Head Charcoal


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Durable, Premium Quality:

In our quest for the best performing charcoal, we discovered an unmatched foundation in South American dense hardwood,

where “best” is synonymous with strong. Our lump charcoal is sourced from the original Axe-Breaker wood, known locally

as Quebracho Blanco, which gives the charcoal several premium performance qualities that include:

  • A long-lasting burn through multiple grilling sessions, unlike a lot of charcoal that crumbles and falls apart easily
  • Minimal sparks, flares or pop-ups, making it ideal for those all-day smoking sessions
  • Lights fast and clean for an even and controlled burn, because our wood has no chemical or synthetic binders

All Natural:

Your charcoal should enhance your grilling experience…not interfere with it! Our wood is all-natural, chemical-free and filler-free so

there’s no risk of flavor contamination of your food. Its bold simplicity allows the rich flavors of your meats, fish,

vegetables and sauces to shine through–without any interference from the charcoal. Say goodbye to unpleasant aftertaste from added binders and starters.

Burns Hot with Low Smoke:

Meat Head Charcoal burns hot, burns clean and produces very little ash, significantly reducing the need to replace your charcoal as frequently.

Clean-up is easy, since there’s very little ash residue thanks to the large, dense chunks of wood. 

Not only will your charcoal burn longer, but so will the fellowship around the grill too.

Ethically Sourced:

You care about the environment, and so do we. Which is why we have prioritized producing our hardwood lump charcoal exclusively from forest leftovers.

Not a single tree is harvested for making charcoal. Our wood is responsibly sourced from Paraguay and our supplier

is committed to complying with Fair Trade laws and standards set by the environmental protection agencies in Paraguay,

known as SEAM and INFONA.

Superior Packaging:

Our commitment to quality doesn’t just end with our charcoal. Our bags are constructed using a 3 ply kraft paper with an inside plastic film to protect

the charcoal against humidity and prevent dust emissions during handling. We want to ensure our charcoal stays

fresh from the moment you rip it open to the very last piece.

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Regular 22lb Bag, Small (1200 Cubic Inch) with Carry Handle