“Grillins No Joke When You’re Blowin’ Smoke! . .”

“Grillins No Joke When You’re Blowin’ Smoke! . .”

Drip EZ Magnetic BBQ Towel Dispenser


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  • Fits perfectly under or on top of Drip EZ Hopper shelf or undermost front folding shelves.
  • Can also be used to dispense aluminum foil/or butcher paper of different sizes for wrapping meat at the grill.
  • Works with most Gas grills and griddles that can hold a magnet, and 100% of pellet grills. 
  • 18 lbs of pull strength
  • Great for quick and convenient clean-up.
  • IMPORTANT: Don't use magnets on surfaces hotter than 185F as they can lose their magnetism from heat.