Big Green Egg Premium 100% Natural Lump Charcoal


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Experience the ultimate grilling experience with Big Green Egg Premium 100% Natural Lump Charcoal. Made from premium quality hardwood, this charcoal delivers a clean and consistent burn, giving your food that authentic smoky flavor you crave. With its 100% natural composition, you can feel good about what you're cooking with, knowing that no harmful chemicals or additives are present. This charcoal also boasts long-lasting heat, allowing you to grill, smoke, and bake for extended periods without needing to replenish. Elevate your outdoor cooking game and unlock the full potential of your Big Green Egg grill with this top-notch charcoal. Add it to your cart now and get ready to impress your friends and family with mouthwatering grilled masterpieces!

Big Green Egg painstakingly sources our natural charcoal to ensure that it contains no fillers, nitrates, chemicals, treated wood or petroleum products. Unlike briquettes, pure and natural Big Green Egg charcoal is premium carbonized wood with NO additives whatsoever.

Why natural charcoal? What’s the difference?

Big Green Egg Oak & Hickory Charcoal is made in the USA from 100% natural hardwood. It is easy to light and is usually ready for cooking in a few minutes, and burns hotter and more efficiently than charcoal briquettes. Lump charcoal produces less ash, so there is minimal waste and clean up … delivering value in every bag.

Most importantly, food tastes better, without harsh chemicals or odors that can be released when cooking with briquettes or other similar products. What else would you want to cook with?

Big Green Egg Natural Lump Charcoal meets EPA environmental guidelines and is CE Certified in the European Union (EU).

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