Bearded Butchers Pink Butcher Paper – Unbleached – Unwaxed – Uncoated


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Pink butcher paper, also known as peach butcher paper, provides the best wrapping material for your smoked meats to keep those flavorful meat juices in while preserving the delicious bark texture attained from a great smoke. This Bearded Butcher and Carnivore branded paper is sure to stand out and will add some flair to any barbecue. is where to buy butcher paper that is used by professionals and weekend warriors alike.

  • Pink Butcher Paper is also commonly used as a sandwich wrap or tray liner and adds a mark of distinction to the wrapped item so it stands out from others.
  • Each roll is 18" wide x 150' long, providing plenty of paper to keep you grilling and smoking over and over.
  • Our Pink Butcher paper is made in the USA and 100% FDA approved. It is unbleached, unwaxed and uncoated.